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  • Up 31 spots to 327! ACEG again listed among Top 500 Chinese Enterprises
    ACEG Admin Office  |  Updated: 2021-09-26  |  Views: 641
    September 25 / CHANGCHUN - China Enterprise Confederation and China Enterprise Entrepreneurs Association jointly released the List of Chinas Top 500 Enterprises for the 20th time in a row at the 2021 Chinas Top 500 Enterprises Summit on Saturday and ACEG ranks the 327th with the operating revenue of RMB¥62.204 Billion, up 31positions compared with last year.
    Over the past year, adhering to the guidance of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, ACEG has overcome the adverse impacts of the epidemics and achieved positive economic indicators and its comprehensive strength, asset quality, profitability and social influence have been consequently enhanced.
    It is reported that a total of 8 Anhui enterprises listed in 2021 Chinas top 500 enterprises and ACEG ranks the 5th among them. ACEG is determined to uphold its original aspiration at a new starting point and make more contributions to the ambition of building a “100 Billion ACEG”.
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