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  • Ambassador inspected ACEG’s housing project in Constantine
    ACEG Overseas Business Department  |  Updated: 2021-10-14  |  Views: 363

    September 29/ Constantine, Algeria / H.E. Mr. Li Lianhe, Chinese Ambassador to Algeria, inspected the Project - 6,000 Homes for Rental and Sales in Constantine - contracted and built by ACEG Algerian Branch.


    Mr. Wan Qing, General Manager of ACEG Algerian Branch, has briefed Ambassador Li on the overall pictures about the construction and handing over of the project and ACEG’s overseas business layouts and epidemic prevention and control measures as well.



    Ambassador Li gave full recognition to the construction quality and handing over schedule of the 6000 homes and appreciated the effective measures taken by ACEG to overcome the impact of the epidemic and rationally arrangement for the construction works, it is a livelihood project, he said, Algerian government attaches great importance to housing projects, which are of great significance to improving the living conditions of the local people, he hopes ACEG Algerian Branch will forge ahead and carry forward the Spirit of "Great Country Craftsman", overcome difficulties and complete the remaining works of the project as soon as possible so as to bring more benefits to the Algerian people and he also emphasized the importance of implementing every epidemic prevention and control measure to ensure the health and safety of all employees.



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